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Alshagaya Renewable Energies Complex Projects – Phase III


The Shqaya Renewable Energy Project - Phase III is one of the projects proposed by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), which will be providing electricity generation to the Ministry of Electricity and Water. It is an integrated project for the production of renewable energy with at least 2,000 megawatts through solar energy produced by PV panels, concentrated solar power, and wind power.





The Treatment and Utilization of Construction Waste Project


The Treatment and Utilization of Construction Waste Project is an important project for the State of Kuwait. The Project will be located in both the Northern region of the country with an area of 250,000 km2, and in the Southern region of the country with an area of 250,000 km2. The land is allocated by Kuwait Municipality for the disposal of environmentally sound waste.





In House Financial Advisory Services

The in-house consultant will be required to provide economic and financial advisory services for KAPP regarding all PPP projects and support KAPP in reviewing/completing financial information and data related to PPP projects, which would determine its feasibility, bankability and market demand and attraction. Aside from that, the consultant will be required to build capacity and transfer knowledge to KAPP staff




Kuwait Motor Auction & Auto Showroom Project


This is a project of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which is the first of its kind in the State of Kuwait. The project is located in the West Arifjan area with an area of 400,000 square meters. The site also includes full technical services for auctions and provides services to all customers from dealers specialized in selling and purchasing used cars, and all the way to the general public, so that the process of bidding is done directly and clearly.




Expired Contracts of Properties Established on State-Owned Real Estate


The Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance – Department of the Management of State Property Contracts-, prepares technical, financial and legal studies, evaluate real estate, and study the best alternatives in terms of investment properties established on state real estate properties. They are to determine the extent of their structural integrity and feasibility after the necessary reforms in order to consider whether or not to retender the properties for investment.





Advisory Services for the Preparation of the General Strategic Plan of the Authority


The consultant will be required to conduct overview internal and external analysis of KAPP and the PPP program to determine the opportunities, threats, weakness and strength and set an immediate to medium term plan to overcome it. Aside from that, the consultant will be required to work with KAPP to generate a corporate strategic plan, set the values, mission, vision and the corporate and departmental operational plans and its associated KPIs, followed by a roadmap and an implementation model for monitoring and review.





Legal Advisory Services to Support the Public-Private Partnership Program


The Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects wishes to appoint a specialized legal office to serve as an advisor to the Authority, by providing legal support in connection with public-private partnership projects at various stages, including the preparation of various legal documents, communications, attendance at meetings as well as other related advisory duties with respect to partnership projects.






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